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"Pocket Sized Paws is a brilliant little small business, I only heard about them after the hamster fair but I'm just in love with their products. I ordered the space collection of the chew toys and they are ADORABLE! They came with little tags on them which I think is a lovely professional touch." 

- Instagram HHOM

"I ordered some sprays from pocket sized paws, they were not what I expected. They were even better! Despite the face they took about a week to arrive I have nothing bad to say about them. The Red amaranth is beautiful and you get so many oat sprays for your money. Brilliant customer service as well."

- Johnathon R


“5/5 - Amazing products, amazing customer service!”

Instagram - TAP



“5/5 - Gorgeous, thoughtful, and eco friendly products that suit my hammy gang to the ground!”

Instagram - TT



“5/5 - Amazing products, so nicely packaged!!”

Instagram - BTSH


“5/5 - My order came so quickly, it was packaged lovely and had amazing freebies!”

Instagram - PBB


"All of my animals are in love with the rice pudding mix, it's so creative. Everything about pocket sized paws is just amazing it's where i will be buying everything from in the future!" 
- Ebony B

"My hamsters have never tired the forage before but we got some at the hamster fair from pocket size paws. They are obsessed with the vitamin c mix and it does smell amazing! I love this small business so much." 

- Chole W


"We love everything about this small business. All the unique products with stunning packing... the owner is so lovely too and I love the morals of this business, eco friendly and organic ect." 

- Instagram LOH 

"We absolutely loved our order it was packaged so nicely and the hamsters are in love with their new forage!" 

- Instagram RSM

"I love that you have such an amazing selection of lovely, great, safe and proper care products at such affordable prices!" 

- Instagram DSC 

"Great quality, great prices, great quantity, great customer service and packaging" 
- Instagram MHP

"The BEST chew toys."
- Instagram OAS

"My hamsters love their dandelion roots and dinosaur chew toys, everything is amazing 5/5 stars!"
- Instagram TTH

"Your packaging is always perfect and the items inside are fabulous, I always recommend your small business to my friends and I would give you a solid 5 star rating"
- Instagram PTSH


"Great packaging, prompt delivery outside of preorders, customer service is amazing, generous portions and quality is great too!" 

- Instagram MHPS